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The Impact of the Bible

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

One day my team and I were evangelizing and ministering when we came upon an old man's home. We knocked on the door just to see if he needed anything and if we could pray with him. After he welcomed us in, we could see he was blind and he told us he lived alone. We got comfy and talked with him for as long as we could. We read the Bible to him and he told us all about his family and how he missed them. We ended by praying for his sight along with his family, and the Spirit lead us to pray specifically for his family. We left and the next week came back and spoke to him again. We were having small talk about his life then he interupted us and proclaimed he had to forgive someone. We asked who that was and how we could help, then he started crying and speaking about how he felt guilty for leaving his family and starting another one. We talked to him about how important forgiveness is, how we need to forgive ourselves and ask forgiveness. We didn't have much time that day, but we prayed with him again, and spoke about how Jesus forgives us and loves us the same. Just before we left, he told us how us coming had made him feel so much better and how he was happy. We gave credit to Jesus of course, and how it was Him in us that made him feel better. I can't wait to see how he is doing and pray with others like him again.

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