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Fufillment of dreams never spoken

Pictured above is two of my friends/teammates and me serving seconds during lunch at our YWAM Mazatlan campus.

During highschool, I was part of a Culinary Arts class for 3 years. I loved that class and it became the highlight over most of my mundane highschool classes. My favorite teacher, Chef G, inspired me to start thinking about being in the professional food industry. I didn't give it a second thought since I still had two years before I graduated, and was going to be thrust into the world. The next year, Chef G passed away suddenly and the whole school felt thickened with sadness for a week. But I was still in the classes and persisted in my love for preparing food. Our next teacher, Chef E taught me so much; I owe my knowledge of the basics to her and I love her very much. I later graduated with honors for my time in the class, extra curricular catering in the community, and developing the business model. After graduating, I put cooking on the 'back burner' to focus on schooling. While hitting rock bottom during challenging times, I was reminded of the fact that the Lord had called me to serve in ministry. I discovered the YWAM Ministry, did my DTS (Disipleship Training School), then later a Bible School before moving to Mexcio as a full-time volunteer, member of staff, and now Kitchen Manager! I am responsible for ordering the food, creating the menus, making sure everything goes out well. I also work closely and personally with our professional Chef to make sure our meals are nutritious and delicious! I never really pictured my life the way it is, but I am so grateful for my job, I love it, and it is part of what God has created me to do!

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