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Knocking down walls!!

June 15th 2022, was a monumental day for YWAM Mazatlan as we broke through the wall dividing our two properties! Signifying that the Lord provided $1,000,000 USD to pay for the house between our two buildings! It was a great time together as a family watching history happen before our eyes. I have been called to serve at Youth With A Mission in Mazatlan Mexico for several years and to dream and support along with God's vision for our campus. We have a few different visions that we believe the Lord has for us, including having 5,000 students in one year between our Durango campus and Mazatlan campus's, of having 110 bases (campus's) in Mexico, and ending Bible poverty through Oral Mother Tongue Translation (OMT). I feel that the Lord has called me to Mexico for a long time and that YWAM Mazatlan will always be a home for me. He has really given me a His heart for the visions and values that YWAM Maz has, and I now carry them with me. That being said, I was ecstatic when I got to take a swing at the wall between who we were as a base and who we are becoming. All in all, it was a fun, historic day for all of us to watch and participate in!

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