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Meet Anika!


My name is Anika! I am a missionary with Youth With a Mission (YWAM). I live in Mazatlan, Mexico, and work at a YWAM campus with another 150 staff. I disciple students on their Christ-seeking journey along with being a continous source of positive fellowship for them.

My Journey 
I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, very involved with my church, Alive fellowship! My dad is an elder, and I grew up being a self-proclaimed "Jesus freak" along with my friends in youth group. When I turned 18, I was a leader at the summer camp my church went to. During worship in the sanctuary, I felt a voice say, "This is what should do, not dog grooming" which was my trade of choice at that time and I had plans to complete my schooling when I got home. I ignored what the Lord was speaking to me because I was scared of the uncertanity. Long story short, I found out I didn't really like dog grooming and decided to go on my first missions trip for my 20th birthday. I fell in love with the Holy Spirit again and later after praying a lot, decided I wanted to complete my calling to be a missionary! Then I did my DTS and now am to be a staff member at the very campus I did my DTS at; in Mazataln, Mexico! 

My calling

I have always enjoyed the Mexican and Latin culture, and as I grew into maturity, I fell in love with seeing different cultures and learning about them. As a missionary, I have been to  South and Central America, but I have also been to Japan! I believe God has called me to harder countries, but Mexico is home now and will be for a longwhile. I am in the process of getting my temp resident visa fro Mexico and love living for the Almighty there! I believe I will travel to different countries but Mexico will always be home. 

Based out of our campus, I have be worked with these Ministries :

- Rehab center ministry

- Skate and Surf

- Home of Hope

- Hospitals 

- and many more!

My personal favorite is called Rehab Center Ministry

- It's a ministry where we go to a couple different rehab centers in the city as well as one on the Island. When we get there, we start with worship and then move into testimonies as well as a teaching. Then we end by praying for the residents and praise and worship at the end! I love seeing the transformation the love of the Lord makes in the residents hearts!


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