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Bringing The Holy Spirit

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The city of Juliaca practices blessing by pegan witches and sacrifice to a Jesus statue. My team and I were able to go into the city and bring a taste of the Holy Spirit and the joy of the Lord through singing and dancing with the local children and praying over the city.

May 2019 Juliaca. I was not able to take pictures in the city, but this is me right above Juliaca.

“The witch doctors would stare at us,obviously we were not welcome there, but we kept praising the Lord!”

Peru is an intense country ...

May 3rd is a day when Peruvian natives and people from surrounding countries gather in Juliaca, to sacrifice with the hope of having a good harvest the next year. The people purchase items to sacrifice from the market which include animals, small model houses, and even baby fetuses. The items are then "blessed" by a pegan witch and sacrified to a enormous white Jesus statue. Immediately entering the city, my team an I could feel the spiritual darkness that weighed on the people. That Darkness came from the witches and the false hope of sacrificing to a statue.

We spent our time singing worship and playing with children. The children were so excitied to play and experience the delight of getting their face painted with fun images. We danced together as if they had never felt true child-like joy before! As we sang and praised The Lord in this dark place, witch doctors would stare at us with disgust, obviously we were not welcome there, but we kept on praising the Lord!

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